Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday released the full list of COVID vaccination centres that would be functioning in their complete or partial capacities due to the current state of the availability of the vaccine.

The vaccination drive for COVID-19 has hit a hurdle in Mumbai due to the limited supply of Covaxin and Covishield. Phase 3 of vaccination will commence from May 1 and the second phase of the same is currently underway.

One of the reasons for the vaccination drive to slow down in Mumbai may be attributed to the spread of the coronavirus in the region that has resulted in the spike of COVID cases leading to a dearth of hospital beds. The same has raised fears in citizens about the possible spread of the virus at vaccination centres and many are shying away from the much-needed jab.

Moreover, the limited supply of the vaccine means that individuals who are above 45 years of age will have to wait for getting immunity against COVID-19. However, the BMC has arranged for many vaccination centres to operate in partial or complete capacity to ensure that the current stock of COVID-19 vaccines is aptly utilised.

Here is the list of vaccination centres that will be fully/partly functional or non-functional owing to the limited supply of vaccine:

The BMC has released the complete list of COVID vaccination centres in Mumbai and specified which ones will be working in partial capacity owing to limited vaccine availability.